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Musician. Saxophonist. Arranger. Composer.
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Third Time's the Charm!

It's the big one everyone, it's time for the world cruise! I've been looking forward to this one for a while as it goes entirely around the world. Little do people know, I have a lot more than adventures in store this time around. 

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Adventures in Cape Town!

Instead of heading home to Salt Lake City, I decided to continue my adventure and head to South Africa and explore the vibrant city of Cape Town before heading home. On an entirely new continent, the adventures could be found in any direction, and I did my best to cram as much as possible in a short amount of time.


The Second Contract!

Time to get everything up and running again! It's been one great contract and I'm looking forward to the world cruise starting next year. But before that, read up on my favorite moments of time spent from a summer on the QV.

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Heading Home!

My first six-month contract working on ships has come to a close. Soon I'll be flying home to Utah and enjoying a short break with friends and family. Much has happened in the final weeks of work, and I wanted to quickly write a final update on my latest adventures!


One Month Left!

Already, my contract is coming to a swift close. Looking forward to rest on my break as well as time to prepare for the next contract. In my latest blog, I discuss the latest events as well as my plans for the approaching break!

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Michael Brecker North Texas Q&A

Taking my blog in a different direction, with a transcription of a lecture from my favorite saxophonist of all time: Michael Brecker. Discussing everything from finding his sound to laying the foundation of his music career, this is definitely worth the read for any aspiring musician!

Kenny Fong Music!
Music now available on all streaming platforms!!


Adventures in South America

It's been an exciting month of exploring new areas, and enjoying new tours and excursions. The exotic plants, foods and cultures has made it feel like being on an entirely different planet! In my latest blog, read about my favorite adventures exploring the west side of the continent!

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A Mid-Contract Slump!

Life takes unexpected twists and turns, and working on a ship is no different. After a overall mellow, low drama start to the contract I found myself hitting some unexpected adversity! Read about how I handled the frustrations as well as my recent tour excursions in my latest blog.

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Not-so-Smooth Sailing!

After a month of winter weather in Northern Europe, it was time to head back across the Atlantic and return to the states! The journey to calm waters was not a smooth one, and the ship hit some turbulent waters that ended with a lot of crew becoming seasick. In my latest blog, read about the journey back to the states and the beginning of our Exotic Voyage!


Halfway Done! (Already?)

Believe it or not, time has been flying by and I'm already three months into my contract! Halfway done! Still have a long way to go before the end however. In my latest blog, read about my adventures in Brazil as well as my thoughts on how I'm holding up at the halfway mark.

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A Cunard Christmas!

This year, Christmas 2017 was spent aboard Queen Victoria, instead of with my family as usual. I spent every day trying to find interesting things to do! In my latest blog, read about my adventures in the Canary Islands and the different excursions in the area. 


Addiction to Improving

I spent a lot of years with the wrong attitude and an unhealthy outlook on life. I believe positive changes are possible for anyone if they pursue their goals with discipline and patience. In my latest blog, read about my chaotic New Year's Eve as well as my personal thoughts on New Year's Resolutions and what helped me achieve my goals.


The Caribbean Voyage!

After spending years in the cold Utah winters, it was time to head for some open waters! Lots of beaches, sun and practice awaited me. In the latest adventure, read about my time spent in the Caribbean on a 24-day voyage!

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Life at Sea!

The long awaited, highly anticipated, cabin tour living as a crew member on a cruise ship! Is life for the workers as glamorous as the passengers? Read on to find out! In my latest blog, I offer a glimpse of what goes on below the decks and a view of my new life on the lengthy contract.


Renaissance Man Transcription

A lengthy summer project! I was hoping to be finished back in August, but I kept hearing things I wanted to fix. Hope you enjoy! Michael Brecker is an incredible saxophonist and has been a huge influence on me in this past year. I'm happy with how close I got it, hopefully I can get closer on my next solo! Blood, sweat and tears is an understatement for the work I put into this!


Travel, Arrival and Meeting the Band

Interesting day of travel that led me to meet the rest of the guys that'll be aboard the ship. Butterflies have begun to fester after just barely realizing the next time I'll be in Utah is in May! Blog #2 was meant to be a quick update for my family, to let them know I'm alive mainly, but some lucky events made me want to share it with everyone!


First Days Aboard Queen Victoria!

After a long couple days of travel and time changes, I have finally arrived at Queen Victoria, my home and workplace for the next 6 months! In my latest blog, I talk about my hectic first two days and a little about life aboard the ship, as well as give a glimpse of what I should expect for the next month or so.


The Woes of the FNG!

After some smooth sailing on the first days of my contract, I ran into some challenging moments working aboard the QV. In my latest blog, the adventure continues with some struggles and scares of being the new guy in some foreign, unexplored territories!



My long and arduous musical journey has ultimately led to the decision to work aboard a cruise line as a show band musician. In my first blog, I answer the questions I have been asked most, as well as talk about why I'm excited to begin a new adventure, and perhaps more importantly, why I'm not excited for some sure to be tricky challenges of living life at sea!

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